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Global Driving Standards Certification

Driving and driving skills are ubiquitous and universally needed. However, when it comes to professional drivers and their training, no global standards exist. Not for the training centers, nor for the trainers or the program that they teach.

Global Driving Standards Certification was created as a non for profit association in Switzerland with the aim to establish global driver training certification.

Preventive and Pro-active

 GDC Standards and certification programs focus on

  1. trainers
  2. training methods and material
  3. training resources and facilities
  4. systems and process
  5. leadership and governance
  6. outcome and impact

GDC’s managing director is Ortrud Birk. Prior to joining GDC she was involved in Road Safety programs and promotion at the FIA.

“We need to put road safety first. Our philosophy: Preventive and Pro-active.

GDC focuses on the behavioral aspect of driving. When driving, three components play a role: the vehicle, the environment and most importantly the human being, who takes decisions, adapts his or her behavior. Up till now, training centers and training programs focused on knowledge and skills, but many times failed to teach the correct behavior.

I am confident that we have the right partners to promote truly global safety standards in professional driver training.”

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