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Global Driving Standards Certification

Global standards and certification programs for training centers, trainers, companies and drivers.

GDC certifies training centers and companies, master trainers, trainers and drivers worldwide. If you are on this website, you most likely see the importance of investing in road safety by getting GDC-accredited in order to save lives and – no doubt about it – costs. This is what we do. We get results for the drivers, their families, for your fleet, your company, your country.

GDC works with governments, companies, organisations and NGO’s worldwide to instil safe driving practices as a foundation of good business and an integral component of workplace health and safety and overall corporate responsibility.

What we do?

GDC is an independent certification body. We certify training centers, master drivers and drivers. If you successfully complete a certified examination, you will receive a unique GDC certificate, confirming your compliance with GDC standards. 

Independent auditors apply the same standards and demand the same performance in all of their audits, irrespective of the market they are operating in.


GDC Certification programs cover those for Trainers and Master Trainers and for Training Providers and meet globally recognised curricula and best practices.

Individuals receive a recognised certification, valid for three years, verifying their skills and capabilities independent of their employer.  Companies benefit indirectly from the GDC programs by having a quality framework to follow in selection and application of GDC certified training providers and programs.

GDC programs provide a reference framework for organisations who need to appoint driving standards trainers and programs.

Why you should get GDC accredited?

A licence is not enough

When it comes to drivers’ training and drivers, companies are looking for high quality and a consistent approach. This is what they get from GDC and GDC’s master franchisees. Our philosophy is simple: It boils down to saving lives, preventing injuries and saving costs. Look at these numbers: 1,3 million people die in traffic accidents worldwide each year. Several million people are injured and have to live with permanent damage to their physical and psychological health. The suffering is immense, but also costs are immense, often 2-3 % of a country’s GDP. You want to make sure, that your training center, your drivers get the best at reasonable rates, that a serious program is not only in place, but also followed. GDC certification is valid for 3 years.

GDC is an independent certification body. We certify training centers, master drivers and drivers. If you fulfil our standards, you will get a GDC certificate. Our training partners, CEPA, for example, certifies training centers in Russia on behalf of GDC.

How we do it?

Our philosophy:

Preventive and Pro-active

When driving, three components play a role: the vehicle, the environment and most importantly the human being, who takes decisions, adapts his or her behavior. Up till now, training centers taught the driver knowledge and skills, but many times failed to teach the correct behavior. 15 years ago, the main problem was alcohol. Nowadays, the main problem is distracted driving. Using a cell phone while driving is a behavioral problem. Not respecting rules, is a behavioral problem. We need to put road safety first. GDC focuses also on the behavioral aspect of driving which is too often forgotten. 

Give safety the importance that safety deserves.

Senior management must understand the importance of road safety, and convey this to middle management and the drivers. What are we looking for? We will check your company according to a Road Safety Maturity Model.

Here we ask questions like the following:
How do you select your drivers and your vehicles?
What is your training like? How many hours does your training comprise?
Is there a coaching program in place?
What happens in case of an accident? Is the accident analyzed? Is there coaching for the driver?

When we check a training center, we look at these six key performance indicators:

  1. trainers
  2. training methods and material
  3. training resources and facilities
  4. systems and process
  5. leadership and governance
  6. outcome and impact

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John Doe

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Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit…
John Doe

CEO, Accredited Company

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